How to Draw Cute Chibi Charmander (Pokemon) Step by Step


Step 6.

Chibi Charmander Step 6

6. Draw another two dots for the nose and the mouth under it.

Step 7.

Chibi Charmander Step 7

7. Draw Chibi Charmander’s tale coming from the right bottom side.

Step 8.

Chibi Charmander Step 8


8. As giving the typical feature of this Pokemon, draw a candle light looking flame on the tip of the tale. And here we are, finished with most of it!

Step 9.

Chibi Charmander Step 9

9. As finishing the drawing, first contour the important parts and erase the remaining. If you aren’t sure about it, check the photo above.

Step 10.

Chibi Charmander Step 10

10. For the final step, colour Chibi Charmander. For the original look use the colours I’m using. Also, you can add some white spots for reflection as a little touch up. Please, send your drawing to me so I can share it on Facedrawer Facebook page. Thanks for drawing with me!

Here is the Infographic:

Chibi Charmander Step by Step

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