How to Draw Chibi Baby (Sister Location) Step by Step Art Lesson


FNaF Sister Location Baby (Chibi) from Drawing Lesson

Today we’ll be showing you how to draw chibi Baby from FNaF Sister Location in this step by step tutorial. Draw the fun and easy way. Follow along with our step by step drawing lessons about Sister Location character.

Thanks the art to peachdalooza.
Here is peachdalooza’s Deviant art Galery

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FNaF Sister Location Baby Drawing Tutorial Step 1:

how-to-draw-chibi-baby-fnaf-sister-location-step-11. Begin by making a large circle for the head, and an outher large circle for the body.

Step 2:


2. The next thing to is draw out the chibi shape of the baby’s head. Move the step three.

Step 3:



3. Draw out the shape of the baby’s hair.

Step 4:


4. Next add two pigtails.

Step 5:


5. The next thing to is draw out the chibi shape of the baby’s smile and nose.

Step 6:


6. Add the eyes and two circle like to the picture. If you got it, move to step 7.

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