Doge Shiebe Meme Drawing lesson. Learn How to Draw


How to Draw Doge Shibe Meme Step-by-Step Drawing Lesson

Doge is a slang word associated with a Shiba Inu dog called Shibe what became a meme on the internet. If you would like to learn how to draw it follow along our step-by-step tutorial. So, are you ready? Let’s get started!

Doge Meme Step 1:



1. Let’s make a circle which will give the base of Shibe’s head.

Step 2:


2. Draw one vertical line through the middle of the circle and also one-one on each side of this line. Draw one horizontal line on the top of the circle, another one at the upper 1/3 and the lower 1/3. Make one last horizontal line just above the circle crossing the vertical lines. Look at the picture above if you need clarification. Go to step 3.

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