How to Draw Black Panther Chibi Easy Step by Step Video


How to Draw Black Panther Chibi Step-by-Step Tutorial

Black Panther is a superhero by Marvel Comics. In this tutorial you can learn how to draw its smaller version, Black Panther Chibi in 10 easy steps. Let’s get started!

How to Draw Chibi Black Panther Step 1.


1. Draw two circles below each other on your paper. It gives the base of our character.

Step 2.


2. Form the upper circle as you can see it on the photo above. This will be the head of Black Panther.

Step 3.


3. Draw two pointy ears on the top of the head. Add a guideline in the middle of the head slightly curved following the shape of the head. This is where we will place the eyes. Move to step four.

Step 4.


4. For the eyes use the guideline we just drew. The line should cross the two circle shapes on the upper third. The right eye should be slightly smaller because of our perspective. Next comes the body of Black Panther.

Step 5.


5. Draw a cashew nut shaped line connected to the head.

Step 6.


6. Black Panther is straddle-legged. Drawing the right leg can be easily done by connecting two bended lines and just adding the foot as an oval shape. The left leg is also from two bended lines but this one should be more bended at the knee.

Step 7.


7. Just like drawing the legs, the right arm is almost from two straightlines connected by the hand and the left arm is more curved. It looks like Black Panther is in a warrior position.

Step 8.


8. Adding the cloak makes Black Panther Chibi a real Marvel Comics’ hero. For that, first just draw a bended triangle then connect the lower part with a half heart shape to the back of our figure. Add a small triangle on the left side of the head.

Step 9.


9. Contour theshape of Black Panther. If you’re not sure what you should contour, just watch the video or take a look at the photo above. Erase the remaining parts.

Step 10.


10. Finishing our drawing let’s colour it! As it comes from this superhero’s name, the colour should be black. I also added some grey touch to some parts, so it seems more realistic. Watch my video to see how I’ve done it. So this is it. It was quick, huh? Please, don’t forget to send me the photo of your drawings so I can post it on the Facedrawer Facebook page. Thanks for drawing with me!

How to Draw Chibi Black Panther Infographic