How to Draw Snorlax (Pokemon Go) Step by Step Art Lesson


How to Draw Snorlax from Pokemon GO with Step by Step Drawing Lesson

We’re sharing another Pokemon GO drawing lesson with you. Play Pokemon GO and tell us your favourite characters.

Snorlax is a big, fat, blue Normal-type Pokemon, with cat-like head.
Pre-evolutionary form is Munchlax. He has two primal abilities which are snore and hyper beam.

Follow along the tutorial video. We will guide you through the drawing of this Pokemon with the following instructional steps. Have fun!

How to Draw Snorlax Step 1

how to draw Snorlax Pokemon step 1


1. First of all, ko a big circle and also two guidelines to divide the circle into three equal sections.


how to draw Snorlax Pokemon step 2

2. Draw a smaller circle between the upper guideline and the top of the big circle. Also, another bigger circle for the body, coming from the bottom of the head and going down to the guideline.

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