How to Draw Clefairy from Pokemon Step by Step


How to Draw Clefairy from Pokemon Step-by-Step

Clefairy is a very adorable character from Pokemon. Learn how to draw this cute little creature known from Pokemon and Pokemon Go in 12 easy steps. Shall we start?


How to Draw Clefairy Pokemon Step 1


1. First of all, draw a circle on your paper. Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be perfect. This circle will be the base of Clefairy.

Step 2.


2. From the circle try to make an egg shape.

Step 3.


3. Draw a whirl looking line as the hair. It should start from the top of the head and go down to the forehead.

Step 4.


4. The eyes should be placed at the upper quarter of the head. Just draw a small oval shape and a line next to it. This line will emphasizeClefairy’s chubby look. Do it on both side.

Step 5.


5. For the mouth draw a ’D’ shape sideway. Also, there is a little tooth at the upper left side of the mouth. Finally, add the cheeks as well under both eyes.

Step 6.


6. Next comes the ears. It looks kind of like a tent. If you imagine this shape, it might be easier to draw. Draw a triangle and cross it with a vertical line then with a horizontal one. The head is finished. Let’s move on to the limbs.

Step 7.


7. Starting the limbs with the legs, just draw two curved topped triangle shape upside down. Draw the feet at the point of the triangle.

Step 8.


8. Draw the left paw and three little claws on it.

Step 9.


9. Repeatstep 8 on the right side as well. There is one more step before getting to the last touch ups of Clefairy from Pokemon.

Step 10.


10. We have an easy job with Clefairy’s tale since it’s mostly hidden behind her. Therefore, just draw two curved line on each other just like it’s a handle of a mug. See, it wasn’t hard at all.

Step 11.


11. Let’s contour this Pokemon. If you’re not sure what to contour and what to leave and erase, just simply take a look at my video or check the photo above. If you’re finished, move to the final step.

Step 12.


12. Finally, let’s colour Clefairy. You can use the colours I’m using or add your own. With the touches I added it looks more liveable and characteristic. Try to add these little highlight’s as well. And please, send me the photo of your drawing, so I can share it on my Facedrawer Facebook page. Thanks for drawing with Facedrawer!

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