How to Draw Diglett from Pokemon Step by Step


Learn How to Draw Diglett from Pokemon Step by Step Drawing Lesson

Diglett is a cute, small, brown Pokemon. Today we have a simple lesson on how to draw Diglett from Pokemon. Use the tutorial video and these steps below to learn how to draw this character in 9 easy steps. Let’s get started!

Diglett from Undertale Drawing Lesson Step 1

How to draw Diglett Pokemon step 1


1. In the first part of the drawing we start sketching which should be light and easy strokes. So first of all, we draw Diglett’s base which looks like a gate.

Step 2.

How to draw Diglett Pokemon step 2

2. In this step, we will draw the guidelines for the eyes and the nose, and a simple shape for the earth underneath. If you’re finished move to the next step. Go to step 3.

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