How to Draw Lapras (Pokemon Go) Step by Step Art Lesson


Learn How to Draw Lapras from Pokemon Go Step by Step Art Lesson

Lapras is a large sea Pokemon. Draw the fun and easy way. Follow along with our step by step drawing lesson.

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Lapras from Pokemon Drawing Tudorial Step 1

how-to-draw-lapras-pokemon-step-by-step-011. Okay, first create the guides. Draw three circle. This is the height of Lapras. Move the step two.

Step 2.


2. Up next, draw a circle like a potato for the body. Move the next step.

Step 3.


3. We will finish the body guide circle, then you can draw one smaller circle for the head, and draw the neck.

Step 4.


4. Up next, draw the ears of this sea pokemon, like two snail shell. Move the step five.

Step 5.


5. Next, draw the front of the head one horn. And sketch the eye like so.

Step 6.


6. In this step we’re going to draw the right flipper of Lapras.

Step 7.


7. Next, draw a shape on the back for the shell basic line. Move the step nine.

Step 8.


8. In this step we’re going to draw the other (left flippet), then add a few details of the stomach and flippers. Just draw a simple curve across the body and the flippers.

Step 9.


9. Okay, you can also draw a curve of the top of the shell. Move the next.

Step 10.


10. Add a few blunt spikey things the top of the sell.

Step 11.


11. Contouring the pokemon sketch and erase the lines and shapes thet you drew. The line art looks like the drawing you see here.

Step 12.


12. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to draw Lapras. Now you can color in this Pokemon when you are happy with the end results.